Morning is my favorite. I love watching the world come to life. As I sit here sipping coffee in a hammock by the lake, contemplating this new day dawning, I’m truly in awe of God’s creation. The birds salute the sun with their songs. The fish rise to the top of the water for their breakfast, creating spontaneous ripples amidst an otherwise placid surface. A deer sweetly and unknowingly tiptoes past me. All the while, the sun and moon know just what to do, working as a team to keep time moving right along. With all these goings on, I’m reminded what a magical world it is and that maybe it really is possible to live in harmony with one another.

Yet in the midst of all this activity there is a profound stillness. The kind of stillness that brings joy to a broken heart and peace to a weary soul. A stillness in which anything is possible, and the only roadblock is the one that is self-created. A stillness that overcomes ego and radiates pure spirit. And in this moment, I realize that THIS is what Deepak Chopra means by the Law of Pure Potentiality (from his book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success,” which I’ve been studying and teaching from for the past few weeks). THIS is it, in the flesh. The ultimate expression of what it means to be in silence and meditation, to commune with nature, and to choose love over judgement. And with this realization I’m humbled, and I’m grateful.