Positive affirmations are an incredible way to keep our thoughts in check and to empower ourselves to lead happier, healthier lives.

In short, we think first, and then we feel.  Our thoughts have an amazing ability to dictate our feelings toward ourselves and our circumstances.  By repeating these affirmations, whether out loud or mentally, we speak a truth into our lives that will eventually become reality.  When we choose to think positively, we release the low-level thoughts and energies that are blocking us from receiving what we desire and what we deserve, and we begin to allow miracles into our lives.

Following is one of my favorite affirmations for finding a sense of grounding and balance.  I love to speak it and share it this time of year, when things have a tendency to get a little chaotic.  Join me by confidently speaking these positive words into your life today!  And don’t hesitate to repeat often!

I am present within myself.

I can center myself with the ease of my breath.

I feel grounded, confident, worthy, and whole.