Let’s make that “Punching Fear in the Face.”  UGH!  For as long as I can remember, fear has run my life.  It has crippled my thoughts and challenged my dreams.  I am 33 years old as I write this, and only now am I learning to understand the significance of fear in my own life and how it has affected me to this day.  I tell you this because of one simple fact.  I know I’m not alone.

Fear is part of the human condition.  It’s a big, scary world in which we live, and we are not always equipped with the proper tools to navigate life’s ins and outs.  However, there are tools that we can use to deal with this issue of fear, and it is my passion to share them with you as I discover them on my own personal journey to happiness and freedom.  By learning to utilize these tools, we can learn to turn our fear into love, creating a life of joy and abundance.  And by doing this, we can then share our experiences with others, serving as a beacon of light to those in need of something more.

As part of my learning process, I am reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s book May Cause Miracles.  The book teaches that a miracle is simply a “shift in perspective from fear to love.”  It provides daily lessons, affirmations, and homework assignments, all geared towards living a life of love.  It is so rich in content that I was led to share this with you after just Day 1, which is all about “witnessing your fear.”  Basically, you have to feel it to heal it.  Not easy, huh??!

The moral of the story is this:  You Do Not Have to Live in Fear.  Take the steps.  Do the work.  Be the hero of your own story.  Manifest a life of love, power, and positivity.  Start yesterday.  It will be worth it.